Exhibit 99.1


May 1, 2020


Toledo Advisors, LLC

Attn: Moshe Mueller


Re: Todos Medical Ltd. (the “Company”)


Dear Moshe:


This letter agreement hereby confirms that the conversion price of the aggregate principal amount of Notes of the Company of $119,295.70 plus $2,844.82 of accrued interest owned by Toledo Advisors, LLC (“Toledo”) is hereby reduced to $0.02 per share and the Company will issue 6,107,026 of its ordinary shares to Toledo pursuant to an exercise notice (the “Conversion”). Upon Conversion the principal amount of the notes and all accrued interest shall no longer be outstanding and any and all defaults shall be cured.


  Todos Medical Ltd.
  By: /s/ Danel Hirsch
  Name: Daniel Hirsch
  Title: CFO


Accepted and Acknowledged by:


Toledo Advisors, LLC


By: /s/ Moshe Mueller  
Name: Moshe Mueller  
Title: Managing Member