Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Investment in Affiliated Companies, Net (Details Narrative)

Investment in Affiliated Companies, Net (Details Narrative) - USD ($)
$ in Thousands
12 Months Ended
Nov. 02, 2020
Aug. 31, 2020
Jul. 31, 2020
Jul. 16, 2020
Jul. 12, 2020
Jun. 14, 2020
Feb. 27, 2019
Dec. 31, 2020
Dec. 31, 2019
Jul. 27, 2020
Jun. 13, 2020
Stock issued during the period, shares               2,164,502      
Ownership percentage, description               Affiliated company is company held to the extent of 20% or more (which are not subsidiary), or company less than 20% held, which the Company can exercise significant influence over operating and financial policy of the affiliate.      
Research and development expenses               $ 9,863 $ 756    
Investment in affiliated company               745    
Share in losses of affiliated company               $ (1,200) (2,966)    
Ordinary Shares [Member]                      
Stock issued during the period, shares 6,000,000                    
NLC Pharma Ltd [Member]                      
Ownership percentage           15.00%   80.00%      
Stock issued during the period, shares         2,688,172            
Proceeds from gross sales           $ 20,000          
Cash           1,650          
Value of granted shares           $ 1,500          
Zegal and Ross Capital LLC [Member]                      
Ownership percentage               10.00%      
Bio Imagery [Member]                      
Ownership percentage   67.00%                  
Investment in affiliated company               $ 618      
Bio Imagery [Member] | Restricted Ordinary Shares [Member]                      
Stock issued during the period, shares   6,000,000                  
Care GB [Member]                      
Ownership percentage   33.00%                  
Percentage of shares will grant   15.00%                  
Joint Venture Agreement [Member]                      
Residual amount             $ 1,345        
Fair value of equity consideration             2,518        
Fair value of option transaction             $ 1,173        
Expenses related to investment                 1,345    
Expenses related to option transaction                 1,173    
Interest free loan                 $ 448    
Joint Venture Agreement [Member] | Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. [Member]                      
Ownership percentage     49.90%       19.99%   19.90%    
Stock issued during the period, shares       67,599,796     17,986,999        
Remaining ownership percentage     80.10%                
Option transaction percentage       30.01%     30.01%        
Ownership percentage, description     In exchange for the remaining 80.1% equity interest of Breakthrough, the Company will issue 49.9% of its ordinary shares (which including 19.9% ordinary shares that were already issued) based on the capitalization table of the Company on regular basis as of December 31, 2019.       On February 27, 2019 (the "Effective Date"), following execution of the Convertible bridge loan transactions (see also Note 11), the Company signed a Definitive Joint Venture Agreement (the "Joint Venture Agreement") and closed the Joint Venture Transaction, pursuant to which the Company issued 19.99% of its outstanding ordinary shares to Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. ("Amarantus"), a biotechnology holding company, in exchange for 19.99% of Breakthrough Diagnostics, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amarantus ("Breakthrough"), and Amarantus assigned to Breakthrough exclusive license to develop and commercialize the LymPro Test®, an immune-based neurodiagnostic blood test for the detection of Alzheimer's disease (the "License"). The transaction was consummated as of February 27, 2019 (the "Closing Date") in which the Company issued to Amarantus 17,986,999 ordinary shares (the "Equity Consideration"). In addition, Amarantus granted the Company an exclusive option, in effect for 60-days from the Closing Date (the "Expiration Date"), to acquire the remaining 80.01% of Breakthrough Diagnostics in exchange for an additional 30.01% of the Company's outstanding shares (the "Option Transaction"). Upon exercise of the Option Transaction, the Company would own 100% of Breakthrough and Amarantus would own 49.99% of the Company. The Company was required to notify Amarantus in writing of its intention to exercise the Option, and the closing of the Option transaction shall take place within fourteen days of Amarantus' receipt of such notice.        
Fair value of equity consideration               6,084      
Fair value of option transaction               $ 1,623      
Royalty fee percentage               10.00%      
Payment of cash consideration               $ 450      
Research and development expenses               $ 8,157      
Joint Venture Agreement [Member] | Subsediary and Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. [Member]                      
Remaining ownership percentage             49.99%        
Joint Venture Agreement [Member] | Breakthrough [Member]                      
Ownership percentage       100.00%              
Assignment of License Agreement [Member] | Breakthrough Diagnostics, Inc. [Member]                      
Ownership percentage             19.99%     80.01%  
Remaining ownership percentage             80.01%        
License Agreement [Member]                      
Royalty fee percentage           80.00%          
Distribution Agreement [Member]                      
Research and development expenses           $ 1,550          
Antigen COVID Test Killer [Member]                      
Ownership percentage               10.00%      
Ownership percentage, description               Upon achieving milestone proof of concept that includes (i) conducting successful test within a la environment and (ii) initiation of a multicenter clinical trial (the "Performance Milestone"), the Company shall acquire during a period of one year after achieving the Performance Milestone an additional 5% of CATK from NLC for a sum of $250 to be paid for in shares of the Company based on market value of the shares at the closing price of a day prior to share issuance. The Performance Milestone has been achieved at July 12, 2020, and 2,688,172 Company's shares were issued to NLC.      
Sale of stock description           In addition, if CATK sales will be in excess of $32,500 and the Company will complete an uplisting to Nasdaq within one year of signing the amendment, then the Company will fully acquire CATK in a share exchange transaction based on value of $65,000 and NLC shall transfer the IP regarding Viral Testing to the Joint Venture and NLC will have the right to appoint one member of the Company's Board of Directors.          
Investment in affiliated company               $ 2,718      
Share in losses of affiliated company               105      
Antigen COVID Test Killer [Member] | In Process Research and Development [Member]                      
Investment in affiliated company               $ 127      
Distribution Rights [Member]                      
Ownership percentage           22.00%         10.00%
Royalty fee percentage           8.00%